Marine and Submarine Compressors

Since 1968, Sauer has been developing marine compressor products that are well suited for various marine applications. ELGi Sauer marine compressors meet stringent space and vibration requirements essential for any equipment aboard a submarine and marine applications.

Submarine High Pressure Compressor Manufacturer

ELGI Sauer submarine compressors

  • WP4253/54 and WP4261/62 series (horizontal in-line cylinder type) with up to 350 bar and 130 m3/h
  • WP5500 and WP5000 (vertical radial cylinder type) with up to 400 bar and 160 m3/h
  • TGM60 and TGM150 (vertical or horizontal swash plate design) with up to 250 bar and 200 m3/h
  • WP3232 and TGM 15 (top-up and atmospheric-control compressors) with 12 m3/h and 15 m3/h
  • Innovative yet robust
  • Very low ABN and SBN
  • Compact and minimal envelope requirement
  • Models with shock qualification
  • Assured after-sales support from the best network in the country