Air Compressors for Navy

For many people, the small yellow rubber duck is a loyal companion from their childhood days. Some of these ducks have even been passed on from generation to generation, as they are indestructible and timeless. The same applies to Sauer’s naval compressors. In an ever-changing world, they have been extremely dependable companions to 60 different navies, for over 50 years. They are just as much at home in aircraft carriers, destroyers, frigates and submarines as they are in small combat ships like MCMVs, OPVs or fast attack crafts.

ELGI Sauer Compressors now brings to Indian Navy, the compressors from both Sauer & Elgi range along with a completely focused team, to cater to the comprehensive requirement of the Navy. Our state-of-the-art designs like WP5000, coupled with the after-sales service that is in tune with “Think Long Run” ideology is indeed a potent combination for becoming a reliable companion for generations.

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