SAUER High Pressure Water Cooled Compressors

Our know-how in the design and construction of water-cooled compressors, gained over 75 years in supplying to Navy, Shipping company’s & Hydro Power Plants worldwide, has meant we can offer a series of highly competitive alternatives for use where air-cooled compressors cannot be used. Enjoy the benefits of robust water-cooled compressors for your application: low noise, no need for cooling air and much less heat release to the environment.

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Water Cooled - 30 to 100 bar Compressors Manufacturers 30 to 100 bar Compressors, Water Cooled (Typhoon Series) 5 The Alternative to Air-Cooled Compressors. With over 75 years of commercial and naval experience, Sauer Compressors has developed a series of highly competitive, robust, high pressure water-cooled compressors. These units are ideal for industrial applications where airflow, high ambient temperatures, and/or ambient noise pose operational difficulties.  
Water Cooled - 100 to 350 bar Compressors from Elgi Sauer 100 to 350 bar Compressors, Water Cooled (5000 Series) 2 High-Pressure Solutions for the most extreme requirements: Our high-pressure DIRECT SEA water-cooled compressors are proven worldwide in exceptionally tough applications. They are the standard compressors for the Indian Navy Frigates, Air Craft Carrier, Submarine Fleet and various other Navy programs. Sauer Compressors supplies a cost effective commercial unit, which offers the same dependability and advantages of the military version.  
Water Cooled - 20 to 500 bar Compressors Manufacturers 20 to 500 bar Compressors, Water Cooled (6000 Series) 4 With more than 70 years of innovative design, Sauer Compressors have long convinced customers of their worth in numerous fields of application for process engineering that require high quality compressed gas or air. Experience and know-how make it possible as well as individually designed compressor packages. This compressor range has a unique feature of catering to pressures from 20 Bar to 500 bar in an extensive, and standardized, product range.