ELGi Sauer compressors are engineered to operate under the most difficult conditions. The high pressure air compressors showcase engineering superiority and production expertise. The unique features of Sauer air compressors make them the most reliable and cost efficient compressors available in the market.

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10 to 40 bar Compressors, Air Cooled (Mistral Series) 7   The 2-stage air-cooled compressors helped establish Sauer’s reputation for high quality. After 75 years of production, these models are now in their third generation of development. These models are designed to have the following advantages: Direct drive (no belt maintenance)Light weight with small installation footprint. Engineered for continuous operation in extreme environments. Extended operation time between required maintenance intervals (2000 operating hours).  
30 to 80 bar Compressors, Air Cooled (Passat Series) 8 The Sauer 3-stage high pressure air compressor demonstrates exceptional endurance even under the most difficult operating conditions. The 3-stage design lowers cylinder compression temperatures, and reduces the pressure ratio per cylinder. This feature promotes lower maintenance costs and improves unit longevity and reliability.  
115 to 400 bar Compressors, Air Cooled (Hurricane Series) 3 High-pressure air compressors showcase our engineering superiority and production expertise. Founded on our renowned military design experience and through continuous innovation, Sauer Compressors has developed the most cost effective and reliable industrial compressors in the market.
150 to 420 bar Compressors, Air Cooled (Tornado Series) 2 High-pressure compressors with pressures of up to 350 bar are a tradition at Sauer. Through a process of continuous innovation, we developed products whose reliability and cost-effectiveness are well-regarded in the market, and are not “beefed-up” breathing-air compressors. When it comes to the heart of your high-pressure system, you can put your trust in compressors that are well above the industrial standard.