Plastic Forming

In the complex field of plastic forming, more and more customers are relying on Sauer compressors given the reliability and the uncomplicated, rapid service offered by the company.

In this sector, it is particularly important to have a continuous supply of compressed air available in order to avoid production (where many of our customers operate), failure to produce the required number of units can ultimately decide whether or not a company can continue to exist.

With its 24/7 design, the sauer compressor is able to operate even in the most difficult environmental conditions and is therefore the ideal compressor to meet the requirements of customers in this particular sector.

Elgi Sauer uses in Plastic Forming Industries

Which Elgi Sauer product ranges are used?

Product ranges

Where are Elgi Sauer Compressors used?


  • Internal gas-pressure procedures
  • Isostatic forming
  • Manufacturing PET bottles