Aircraft and Helicopter Carriers

Sauer Compressors offers a wide range of high, medium and low-pressure compressors for CVNs (Carrier Vessel Nuclear) like the US Navy’s USS Eisenhower, LHDs (Landing Helicopter Dock) such as the Spanish Navy’s Principe de Asturias or LPDs (Landing Platform Dock) like the US Navy’s technically advanced San Antonio class.

ELGI Sauer compressors for aircraft carriers, helicopter carriers and advanced landing ships

Sauer provides complete compressed-air solutions for the entire range of applications onboard Air Defence Ships. We offer the centralized compressed air system as well as compressors for various applications like Starting Air, Breathing Air, Weapon Air and Control Air, etc. We even provide solutions for boosting Nitrogen which is of immense importance onboard aircraft carriers.

Our extensive expertise, ongoing development work and distinguished international client base have contributed in making Sauer Compressors the world leader, when it comes to compressors, for all types of carriers.


ELGI Sauer compressors for aircraft carriers, helicopter carriers and advanced landing ships

  • 3-stage, air-cooled starting-air compressors (e.g. the WP151L) with up to 40 bar and 180 m3/h
  • 4-stage, water-cooled high-pressure units (WP5500 and WP5000) with up to 400 bar and 160 m3/h
  • Breathing-air compressors (WP4325WP4341) with up to 350 bar and 60 m3/h
  • Low-pressure compressors such as the WP226L (piston design) or the SC52 (screw design) with up to 12 bar and 600 m3/h
  • Nitrogen boosters (e.g. the WP3215 Comboost) with up to 350 bar and 30 m3/h
  • Designed to execute ready-to-use systems with Dryer, Control Panel and other accessories
  • Proven technology with large installation base
  • Innovative yet robust
  • Very low ABN and SBN
  • Compact and minimal envelop requirement
  • Models with shock qualification
  • Assured after-sales support from the best network in the country
  • Complete NATO codification ensures high level of support for the naval fleet