Air Compressors for Industry

Sauer Group Compressor

Sauer & Sohn has more than 70 years’ experience and know-how in the design of high pressure Compressors. Founded in 1884 in Kiel, under the name of Wilhelm Poppe, the mechanical engineering company has been manufacturing a range of compressors. Initially developed in-house, the year 1930, marked the beginning of a remarkable success story for the company.

The reliable & progressive products inspire confidence, and the company has become established as a competent partner for industry, shipbuilding and marine. Through its own subsidiaries & distributors, the Sauer Group now has a presence in all of the important markets, around the world. It is also renowned for excellent quality & the most modern high-pressure compressors, across the globe.

Elgi Sauer Process

ELGI Sauer compressors, being a joint venture between ELGI equipments Coimbatore and Sauer Germany combines the skill set of our German counterpart and the experience of an INDIAN company which has over five decades of experience in the business arena.

Together we look forward to converge all the experience earned by the two companies and to serve you the best.