Pressure Reducing Station

ELGi Sauer – “Reduflex” Pressure Reducing Stations

Naval vessels need compressed air at different pressures for various applications and to ensure optimal air distribution the right pressure is essential.Elgi Sauer “Reduflex” pressure reducing stations can reduce the suppliedhigh-pressure air to a wide range of low pressures.They offer maximum reliability and are an essential part of centralized high pressure systems on board naval vessels

  • State-of-the art reducing technology
  • Advantages of in-line and block design combination.
  • Built according to naval classification rules &for use on naval v vessels
  • Available for various inlet and outlet pressure requirements as Naval and Naval-Mil versions

Product Range

Model Inlet pressure range Outlet pressure range Min- Max. Volume Flow
Reduflex H350-150/300 Naval 200 – 350 bar.g 45 – 275 bar.g 0 – 300 m³/h
Reduflex H350-25/100 Naval 200 – 350 bar.g 7 – 44 bar.g 0 – 100 m³/h
Reduflex 2H350-6/500 Naval 200 – 350 bar.g 1 – 6 bar.g 0 – 500 m³/h
Reduflex M40-8/250 Naval 30 – 40 bar.g 3—15 bar.g 0 – 250 m³/h
Reduflex N15-2/250 Naval 7 – 15 bar.g 2 – 4 bar.g 0 – 250 m³/h

Salient Features:

  • Indigenously manufactured
  • Protection cover as standard
  • Simple & modular construction
  • High accuracy of outlet pressure.
  • Shock mounts for naval applications.
  • Excellent sensitivity to a wide range of pressure settings
  • Modular design allows flexibility to replace parts easily.
  • No need for the standby unit, since the bypass line is available.
  • Easy to install and service. No special skills or tools needed
  • Reliable and leak proof design apt for high pressure air system
  • Desired outlet pressure can be maintained even when the inlet pressure vary within the range.
  • With the help of bypass line, the pressure reducing valve can be isolated and serviced without shutting the system