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Indian air conditioner manufacturers meet rising urban demand with ELGi Sauer Air Compressors

Executive summary 

Rapid urbanisation has resulted in increased demand for energy-efficient residential and commercial air conditioners across India. One of the leading manufacturers in India, meets this demand by deploying high-quality ELGi Sauer air compressors across its production and testing facilities.

Industry Overview

In the 21st century, people live, work, and play in highly customised interior spaces. Unique in design and application, they reflect the new-age consumer and their evolved needs. The most important parameters are the interior temperature and advanced HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioner) systems that provide comfort and reprieve from increasing heat and external weather conditions.

In India, where the average summer temperature ranges between 32-40° Celsius, air conditioners are fast becoming a vital commodity for homes, offices, and industrial units. This is especially true in urban regions in the northern part of the country, where the HVAC industry share is the highest.[1]

Additionally, the emergence of inverter technology in appliances and IoT-enabled temperature control systems is predicted to strengthen the demand for air conditioners even further.

Furthermore, while residential air conditioners in the country are available in the window and split formats, light air conditioners, variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems, and chillers are the most common product types in the commercial segment. However, there is demand for air conditioners in segments that utilise inverter technology resulting in reduced energy consumption, operating costs, and carbon impact. Besides, increased awareness and growing environmental concerns are changing the HVAC industry. In addition, energy regulations and policies that promote energy efficiency are also evolving.

About the company

One of the most popular and energy-efficient air conditioner brands in India, the company understands the importance of individualised space and comfort in the 21st century, and its HVAC products reflect this philosophy. Having its manufacturing facility in Kadi, Gujarat, the company manufactures a wide range of products, including but not limited to the following:

  • Residential air conditioners: New technological breakthroughs enable the manufacturers to provide energy-efficient and reliable window and split air conditioners
  • Commercial air conditioners: A wide range of large-scale HVAC systems for industrial and residential project needs, including chillers, cassette air conditioners, ductable air conditioners, telecom air conditioners, and VRF systems

The customer challenges

The manufacturer aims to deliver high-quality, efficient air conditioners, that are reliable and environment friendly. Innovative engineering and manufacturing support the company's vision of safety, comfort, and sustainability.

One critical utility that the company relies on for manufacturing and testing is the uninterrupted supply of high-pressure compressed air, which is necessary for testing the condenser coils of air conditioners.

The solution

To meet its demand for high-pressure, high-flow, and high-quality compressed air, the company installed ELGi Sauer air compressors at its manufacturing facility. It installed the Passat Series 3-stage air-cooled direct-driven compressors that demonstrate exceptional endurance, even under the most stringent operating conditions of up to 55°C ambient temperature. The ELGi Sauer air compressor models provide an even distribution of pressure ratio per cylinder, resulting in lower cylinder compression temperatures. This increases the life of internal components, providing a long-lasting and high-quality supply of compressed air.

Business Benefits

Since the manufacturing company installed ELGi Sauer air compressors, there has been an increase in energy efficiency and production output. With ELGi's direct-drive technology, reduced power consumption per cubic metre has led to a 40% reduction in energy consumption, boosting the factory’s profitability. The machines are practically maintenance-free. ELGi Sauer also provides standard maintenance routines at regular intervals to ensure efficiency, despite high uptimes during peak seasons. 


“ELGi Sauer’s air compressors have boosted the firms air conditioner testing capacity. With the delivery of high-pressure compressed air coupled with high energy efficiency and zero breakdowns, ELGi Sauer compressors power Hitachi’s production plans consistently.” - Mitesh Trivedi, Assistant Manager, Plant Engineering.

Speaking about successful installations of high pressure compressors across the nation, Satish Kini, CEO, Elgi Sauer Compressors Limited said, “Over the past decade, ELGi Sauer has significantly expanded its business portfolio in the industry and offshore markets, continuing its strong foothold in the defense business. ELGi Sauer has become the most preferred choice across major industry segments in India, such as steel, auto, power, general industry, and oil & gas.”

“Looking ahead at the growing business prospects in the key focus markets, ELGi Sauer has started to build a greenfield manufacturing facility expected to be operational by the end of 2022. The new plant would support the organic growth and cater to the engineering and product testing requirements of its joint venture partner Sauer, Germany, and its subsidiaries. This expansion will contribute significantly to double the business turnover in the next five years to over INR 800 million. Today, ELGi Sauer covers most of the SAARC countries and explores more business prospects in upcoming years.”