Power Distribution: SF6 Recovery Compressors

Gas insulated switch gears are used in the electrical power distribution at electrical transformers and substations to switch high voltage electricity of 100 kV up to 1200 kV.

These Substations use SF6 gas as insulating gas in high-voltage switches. SF6 has excellent electrical insulation and switching arc extinguishing properties. With the constant expansion of the global electrical energy supply, the demand for high-voltage switches is also increasing.

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Compressor for Power Distribution

However SF6 gas is a halogen compound, which as a greenhouse gas has a very harmful effect on the environment. It can remain stable in the atmosphere for 3200 years. The greenhouse effect of SF6 is 23,900 times greater than the same amount of CO2.

In the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, SF6 gas is listed as one of the six greenhouse gases that are banned from freely venting into the atmosphere.

The solution from HAUG Sauer includes a 1-2-stage compressing compressor from the Pluto, Mercure or Sirius series. The compressor works oil-free and dry-running and is equipped with the hermetically sealed and non-contact magnetic coupling. The compressor is air-cooled. The scope of delivery is adapted to customer requirements and ranges from the compressor block to the completely piped system with control.

Compressor applications with SF6 gas

Thanks to their oil-free, dry-running and hermetically gas-tight design, HAUG compressors are ideally suited for compressing SF6 gas:

  • No gas pollution and contamination of plants and equipment by oil-free compression.
  • Technically tight gas compressors in operation and at rest and therefore no leaks into the environment.
  • Application in gas recovery plants for maintenance of high voltage switches.
  • Application in industry and production plants where SF6 is used.

Who are ELGI Sauer Compressors’ customers?

  • Energy Distribution Companies: Power Grids.
  • Companies who build Electrical Substations.
  • Local Packagers who build recovery carts.
  • Engineering offices.

What are ELGI Sauer Compressors used for?

  • Recovery of SF6 Gas.

Which ELGI Sauer product ranges are used?

SF6 Recovery Compressors Manufacturers
The suction pressure in this application is in the range of 1 to 9 bar(abs) and the discharge pressure is a maximum of 51 bar(abs).
  • The Flow ranges from 1 to 50 Nm3/h.
  • Variants HAUG: Pluto, Mercure, Sirius